Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Poultice, Salves and Over the Counter

A poultice is a warm soft mass spread upon an aching or congested part of the body.  The most common ones that were used when I was growing up were Mustard Plaster and Onion.

Mustard Plaster was made using equal amounts of dry mustard, baking soda and flour and enough warm water to make a paste.  This was used for congestion and inflammation.  This can get very hot. It can be used as a pack in a warm wet wash cloth as well. 

For an Onion Plaster, simmer sliced onions in a pan, wait until it cools enough to place in a wash cloth and use as a pack to place on the area to be treated.  The smell is fragrant.

Always use extreme caution.
Years ago they used to make poultice capsules.  The dry ingredients were pressed into little muslin sacks and you could dissolve them, or place them in your mouth if you had an gum infection. 

Other common known alternatives are caster oil and Epsom salt. 

Salves are ointments that soothe.

There are many recipes for homemade salves on the Internet.  A common one I am asked for is Black Salve.  Black salve is an ointment that has been controversial because people have been using this to clear up skin cancers, and tumors.  I use Ichthammol Ointment as a drawing salve for splinters and ingrown hair. 


Arnica  is used for bruises, aches and sprains.  It comes in an ointment, gel or cream.

Olive oil or sweet oil, along with garlic or mullein oil are used for ear aches and I have posted about this before.

A not so natural alternative to moles I have been using is Neosporin for pain, itch and scar.  I have had skin cancer before and if you have a suspicious mole, go to a doctor.  Just go.

If you are looking to start an alternative medicine cabinet or first aid kit, I would start here and expand.  There are many options and recipes to choose from and it is easy enough to search to tailor this to your needs.


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